Patrick Elumba


Witherwood Studios

  • iOS Game – Steelbound Sky (Unrealscript, C#, C++)


  • LHD Training System (C#, C++, LUA, ActionScript)
  • VTD – Virtual Maintenance Trainer (C#)


  • Swarm Intelligence (LSL)
  • Final Games Project (Unrealscript)
  • Global Illumination Project (DirectX)


Witherwood Studios (2015 – Present)

Starting near the beginning of the 2015, I took full control of a post university group’s iOS game called Steelbound Sky. Utilising UDK; programming, enemy wave design and UI were completed by myself while enemy pattern designs, environment design/placement, QA, assembling the game together, and many general ideas were mostly my solo work. By working independently, I was actively engaged in every aspect of the project’s development life cycle.

Skills Developed/Responsibilities:

  • Overseeing all responsibilities in the development and release of a Mobile application.
  • Handling mobile optimization and mobile device compatibility.
  • Developing an external tool for designers to create enemy waves and their patterns, which allowed on the fly and iterative creation for testing levels and game concepts.
  • Independently setting goals, creating designs, implementing concepts, and handling RnD.
  • Working and communicating with designers and artists remotely.
  • Post Production, general marketing and business tasks.
  • Gathering and organizing of 3D content, 2D art, music and sound effects from various sources and implementing them to work within the game engine.
  • Simple 2D texture modifications and sound editing.

KBR Inc (January 2012 – March 2014)

At KBR I built and maintained software, primarily used for training simulations. I was exposed to work with CryEngine for a large Navy ship simulation (LHD). I assisted in developing the tools as well as the inner engine code. Through this I was exposed to work with a solid team of game artists, instructional designers, fellow programmers and project managers. Other projects I contributed to were the maintenance of VST, a training program involving helicopters, and RnD tasks to assist the separate divisions of KBR.

Skills Developed/Responsibilities:

  • Being able to dynamically learn about, use and improve pre-existing software solutions.
  • Working and communicating with people of various backgrounds, practices and experiences.
  • Completing milestones on time of a large scale project over the course of several years.
  • Handling the integrity of data from instructional designers to be used accurately within 3D Environments.
  • Being able to work concurrently with various programming languages and practices: C++, C#, ActionScript, Lua, batch files, SQL, OO Design, software development life cycle (SDLC), version control.
  • Documentation of software features
  • Development and maintenance of UI.
  • Assisting in QA


Languages: C# ,C++, Java, Unrealscript, SQL, ActionScript, XML

Game Engines: UDK, CryEngine

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista

Software: Visual Studio, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, GIMP, FogBugz, GIMP, Audacity, VideoStudio, Videopad Editor, Notepad++, Eclipse

Other: Has experience working with C, LUA, LSL, Javascript, AI programming, Unity, OpenGL, DirectX, SFML,HLSL, Linux, Visual Basic, Python, HTML, RedMine, Mantis, Netbeans, WinSQL, OpenSim, MatLAB, MAPLE


Tertiary 2008 – 2011

IT – Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment (Distinction)

Queensland University of Technology

  • Major in Software Technologies
  • Minor in Mathematics
  • Technically Qualified with a Minor in Advanced Software Technologies

GPA – 5.917

Secondary 2004-2007

Year 12 Senior Certificate

Mansfield State High School

  • Overall Position (OP) – 7
  • Queensland Core Skills Test: B

Casual Work History

  • Timezone Family Entertainment Centre (2009 – 2010)
  • Underwood Seafood Market Worker (2007 – 2008)


  • Member of the Filipino choir, World Youth Day Music group that play at St. Catherine’s Parish on weekends.
  • Youth leader of Upper Mt Gravatt Whishart Parish
  • Continues to participate in the cultural performances for the Filipino-Australian Foundation of Queensland, a not-for-profit organisation which raises money to help the underprivileged in the Philippines.


  • 2009 48 Hour Game Challenge – Lost Love Letter Chronicles XIV
  • 2010 48 Hour Game Challenge – MEAT ESCAPADE


  • Basketball
  • Cello, Guitar
  • Pen Spinning


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