Selected Works

Steelbound Sky

Released: 2016

  • Overseeing all responsibilities in the development and release of a Mobile application.
  • Handling mobile optimization and mobile device compatibility.
  • Developing an external tool for designers to create enemy waves and their patterns, which allowed on the fly and iterative creation for testing levels and game concepts.
  • Independently setting goals, creating designs, implementing concepts, and handling RnD.
  • Working and communicating with designers and artists remotely.
  • Post Production, general marketing and business Tasks.
  • Gathering and organizing of 3D content, 2D art, music and sound effects from various sources and implementing them to work within the game engine.
  • Simple 2D texture modifications and sound editing.



  • Being able to dynamically learn about, use and improve pre-existing software solutions.
  • Working and communicating with people of various backgrounds, practices and experiences.
  • Completing milestones on time of a large scale project over the course of several years.
  • Handling the integrity of data from instructional designers to be used accurately within 3D Environments.
  • Being able to work concurrently with various programming languages and practices: C++, C#, ActionScript, Lua, OO Design, software development life cycle (SDLC), and version control.
  • Documentation of software features
  • Development and maintenance of UI.
  • Assisting in QA




At KBR I was involved on a VTD (Virtual Training Device) for the MRH90 and ARH Tiger Australian Defence Force helicopters. End users would interact and be tested within an environment of real time high fidelity 3D models of the actual equipment. I gained experience on how to improve a system that was already built and in professional use by clients.

  • Communicating with content creators and professional instructors of the real world equipment to understand and fix maintenance problems with the trainer.
  • Working with SQL to comprehend trainee data flow in the databases to debug incorrect saved or displayed information.
  • Debugging multithreaded logic causing issues with the training of the scenarios. (C#/.NET)


University Projects


 Reaper was a final university project working with artists and designers using UDK. It was 3D action adventure level staring Terel, Death’s assistant. It featured a boss battle, multiple enemies and an interactive environment.
  • Communicating effectively with team members to finish milestones on time
  • Learning about a game engine quickly to create concepts and prototypes
  • Syncing up team member’s game content to work with the game code such as UI, Sound, 3D models and their animations
  • Implementing designer features, game play mechanics and AI from design phase to the finished product