*Note – As some information about this project is still undisclosed I am only able to publicly share Screenshots of the virtual trainer. If you would like to see video of the simulator in action please contact me.

At KBR I was involved on a VTD (Virtual Training Device) for the MRH90 and ARH Tiger Australian Defence Force helicopters. End users would interact and be tested within an environment of real time high fidelity 3D models of the actual equipment. I gained experience on how to improve a system that was already built and in professional use by clients.

  • Communicating with content creators and professional instructors of the real world equipment to understand and fix maintenance problems with the trainer.
  • Working with SQL to comprehend trainee data flow in the databases to debug incorrect saved or displayed information.
  • Debugging multithreaded logic causing issues with the training of the scenarios. (C#/.NET)