Rise from your Grave!

Ahoy! This is my first official blog post for grand reopening of my WordPress! It now features a cooler theme that should be a bit more pleasing to the eyes. A Selected Works section is up and contains all the projects I deem worthy of sharing.

I’ll post every now and then if I can’t fit something inside a YouTube comment or because a  topic has been hovering on my mind. It’ll tend to stay related to video games as whole whether that be the retro scene or game development but there is always leeway for other adventurous subjects. However, I’ll mainly use this site as a hub to catalog my projects.

In the mean time,  enjoy your stay! It’s crazy to believe how someone can end up inspired to work in a field because of plastic cartridge 20 years ago.

Yes that’s my piece of plastic! 6 games in 1!
But it was one heck of a cartridge.  Perhaps a blog post for some other time.


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